“A subversive cocktail all by itself, viscerally choreographed...and blending eerie elements of natural human grace with the cold, intangible, threat of technology to overpower it. Dark, innate senses are played on, and a dread is produced that is universal, yet impossible to rationally describe”. NYTheatre.com, Matthew Trumbull

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(2006 - Eyebeam Art & Technology Center, NYC)

Choreography & Direction: Dawn Stoppiello in collaboration with the performers
Videography, Music & Direction: Mark Coniglio
Dramaturgy: Peter C von Salis
Lighting Design: Susan Hamburger & David Tirosh
Costume Design: Dawn Stoppiello
Set Design: Joel Sherry

Performers: Robert Clark, Johanna Levy, Daniel Suominen, and Lucia Tong.


Commissioning Partners: Arts Council England, essexdance, International Workshop Festival, Forum Neues Musiktheater, 3LD Art & Technology Center, Jerome Foundation.

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16 [R]evolutions is a reflection on the positive and negative aspects of our animal and intellectual selves. The animal side appears brutal in its survival tactics, but maintains a pure and heightened awareness of its surroundings. The intellectual side has repressed the wild animal drives to allow social order. 16 [R]evolutions depicts the struggle of four invented characters who strive to synthesize these conflicted aspects of themselves. Live video camera tracking captures the dancers movements and generates real-time interactive 3D imagery.